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We grow with Erasmus + projects.


Erasmus day

I saw something special

I saw something special




Active director of secondary schools
school of the city of Kruševac.

👋👋👋... Memory on 🎄

👋👋👋... Memory on 🎄

Erasmus day

Association of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia – Days of Professional Development, Krupanj,
Grand Hotel

Forum for students  – mental health

Challenges of the mental health of educators in the private and professional environment

Tribune for parents: The importance of safe use of digital technologies, sleep, correct nutrition, physical activities for the mental health of young people – the role of the family

“Overcoming stressful situations and nervousness”

“Screen Time”

Workshop of Assessment

Students agree that grading is one of the most common sources of stress in school. Through the discussion, they gave suggestions on what can be done to make the assessment less stressful for adolescents. All their proposals are already part of the new rulebook on student evaluation in high school, and its proper application by all teachers would certainly contribute to making evaluation less stressful for our students.

Svetlana Aleksić, school psychologist, participated on 26.2.2024. in the work of the focus group for psychologists and pedagogues in schools. This focus group was led by Darija Stepić and Ivan Subotić, researchers on the project on media reporting on the mental health of young people, which is being carried out by the Youth Umbrella Organization of Serbia.

Pink Shirt Day

“How to debunk pseudoscientific content?”

Training “Teaching and learning differentiation activities” within the project We all learn
jointly implemented by UNICEF, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and the Center for
interactive pedagogy

We share the work, multiply the knowledge, take away the stress and add up the successes.

Member of the team for improving the mental health of young people, which was implemented in Novi Sad by Omladinski of the OPENS center.

New Year’s gifts – making New Year’s cards for best friends, creating a positive atmosphere at school to overcome stress….

Preparing Italian food – class project

New Year’s concert – listening to music inspired by New Year’s holidays and decorating the Christmas tree. Artistic expression with music reduces stress in children.

 An Easter morning song can bring joy, hope, and a sense of togetherness, all of which can contribute to improving mental health

“Open doors of education – Challenges in education”

Design the Positive: Positive Thinking, Positive Communication and Positive
School Spaces in organisation Europass Teacher Academy – presentation project

Tribune for parents: The importance of safe use of digital technologies, sleep, proper nutrition, physical activity for the mental health of young people 

Presentation of the project on the second day of the study visit to
within the framework of the round table: Support of decision-makers towards improving the mental health of young people
which was held in the OPENS Youth Center.

In cooperation with the Office for Youth of the City of Kruševac and the Team for Mental Health of the City of Kruševac, we held a forum Myths and misconceptions about mental health in our school. Representatives of the Student Parliaments of all high schools from our city took part in the forum. The tribune was opened by Nevena Plavšić, the mayor’s assistant for sports and youth, and the present students were greeted by Dragana Barišić, president of the Kruševac City Assembly and the Team for the Mental Health of Kruševac Youth. At the panel, Jelena Dimić, a member of the project team, presented our Erasmus+ project on mental health

In the Italian language class on 05/21/2024. on which they adopted expressions for impersonal expression
(forme ed espressioni impersonali)